WEBLAB New Zealand, IT services

Auckland, New Zealand

WEBLAB New Zealand is an Auckland based company specializing in:

  • web-internet development
    • website design and development
    • website updates and redesign
    • webdesign troubleshooting
    • website internet marketing
    • SEO, PPC & SEM
  • web-hosting
  • Internet phone services, local numbers, ISP
  • computer services (for both platforms Apple Mac™ and PC)
    • installations
    • maintenance
    • troubleshooting
    • upgrades
  • notebook and desktop computers repairs (independent)
  • iPod repairs and content recovery
    • batteries replacement
    • music, images, video and data recovery
  • printers repairs, network printing setup, wireless printing
  • data backup solutions
    • multi level
    • scheduled tape, NAS or hard drive backups
    • remote secure backup over an internet connection
  • digital photos/video recovery from digital media cards
  • network: setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and optimizations
  • security surveillance systems (network/computer based)
  • video and photo services
  • photo editing, restoration, optimizations
  • graphic design
  • logo, visual identity design

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iPhone 3G arrived in NZ
and gone... sort of...

iPhone G3 - taking apart

iPhone G3

some photos about how iFixit USA done it, with some help from
MacSolutions NZ, Brochures Unlimited and Weblab NZ

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